Proofreading Services

The purpose of your important document would be undermined if it contains errors and solecisms. At DSE, we offer proofreading and copyediting services to ensure that all grammatical flaws, typos, and other errors are comprehensively eliminated.

Minor errors can be overlooked even by seasoned writers. Such flaws can tarnish the professional image of the author and also reduce the efficacy of the document. Readers would be conveyed an inscrutable or erroneous message.

DSE experts can discern between superlative and mediocre writing. Generic and academic editing services offered by us are being availed by multinational companies, students, individuals alike. We also carry out proofreading of translated documents also.

Our proficient and experienced team members can handle various document types in a versatile manner. Proofreading services rates are competitive and are applied on per word, per page, or per screen model. We are driven by the objective of empowering writers with stellar content that would leave an indelible impression on readers. This would serve to enhance the brand equity of our clients. Also, the documents would become marketable.

Proofreading Services by DSE

We offer high-quality editorial proofreading services which helps authors to concentrate on their creative work without worrying about flaws. We make sure that every document is well-structured, consistent, and brings coherence in the flow of ideas. We specialize in proofreading various documents like:

  • Novels and creative literary work
  • Business documents
  • Translated documents
  • Marketing and Advertising content
  • Newsprints
  • Thesis
  • Websites, blogs etc.

We deliver comprehensive and thorough proofreading and editing services to clients to enhance the value of their documents. We also provide aniron-clad quality guarantee which ensures that the stringent scrutiny of major publishing houses and university boards can be successfully passed. Eminent editors and qualified proofreaders do the task for you.

Our primary proofreading services include

Website Proofreading

Our website proofreading services help our clients to create the very first impression on the readers by providing well-written and perfectly edited content. It should be free of grammatical errors and typos. Our services are used by various e-commerce web stores, corporate blogs, sales and web copy, social media posts, general websites, etc. Another added advantage is the checking of Meta tags which is available as an option. We also offer suggestions for enhancing the writing flow, message clarity, and readability of the content.

Academic Editing Services

Our professional team of academic editors guarantees to make your academic writing error-free while maintaining consistency and message flow. This service can be helpful to both academic professionals and students. We provide careful editing and thorough scrutiny of various academic documents, research thesis and project, conference papers, assignments, etc. By strictly adhering to the specified deadlines, we ensure that the document is completely ready for presentation. We also assist in identifying and eliminating the minor errors which are critical during the editing process.

Book Copyediting Services

With our exceptional copyediting services, the manuscript is fully ready to be converted into the desired eBook format as requested by our client. Our expert team possesses incredible patience and attention to details for identifying the errors, inconsistencies, or missing information in the document. In addition to this, our services will also help clients to add creditability to their work which is important as the published book can be used as an effective marketing tool to showcase their talent.

Our Proofreading Process

At DSE, we have competent writers and acclaimed editors who can work on various genres of writing. Our structured and safe process ensures that we stick to the exact outlay of editing and proofreading.

We first start with editing a sample page and presenting the same to the client. This will give them an overall idea about our working process. After getting approval from the clients, we edit and proofread the documents while choosing the best style guide for optimum editing and proofreading. We discuss and finalize the delivery schedules and cost models with the clients along with signing the Service Level Agreement of our company.

We set a team of proficient editors under a dedicated Project Manager to edit documents based on the defined style guide. Clients can communicate their concerns or issues regarding any matter through the Project Manager. We are responsible for carrying out quality checks and after the project is free of errors, we sign out from the document by uploading it to a client device or sending them through FTP. We can also upload the scrutinized file in the format desired by clients.

Advantages of Outsourcing Editorial Proofreading Services to DSE

When outsourcing your editorial proofreading services to DSE, we can receive many advantages.

  • Low TAT

    One of its main benefits is that it offers the lowest turnaround time in the industry with accurate, quick, and affordable prices.

  • High Quality Edits

    Each document is proofread properly at multiple levels to ensure impeccable edits. All inaccuracies related to spelling and grammar is also eliminated.

  • Team of Experts

    A highly skilled proofreading team is assigned to complete the project with a dedicated Project Manager who serves as a one stop contact point for the clients.

  • Eye for Details

    Our efficient team has an extraordinary eye for details which helps them to identify the minutest mistake like comma, missing letters, etc.

  • Outsourcing to Diverse Niches

    We offer our service to diverse niches like travel, hospitality, healthcare, exports, imports, BPO, Information Technology, education, etc

Avail DSE’s affordable Proofreading Services

DSE stakes its claim as the industry-dominating proofreading company. We would never disappoint you. Our proficient team can handle entire array of proofreading related needs. When you outsource your typesetting requirements to us, you can avail the superlative and most affordable proofreading services in the industry. Connect with us now to learn how we can transform your documents into literary masterpieces.

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