Copy Editing Services

DSE offers professional copyediting services for assisting publishers and authors in getting

  • Semantically correct textual content
  • Solecism free text
  • Proper sentence constructs
  • Spelling and punctuation error-free content
  • Comprehensive language checking of the manuscript for ensuring the integrity of idea expression
  • Technical terminology corrected

Our services leverage the creative potential of writers and the success rate of publishers for the entire spectrum of literary domains.

DSE offers cost competitive copyediting services that can be afforded by all. Papers delivered by us can be published in SCI-indexed journals.

Types of Copyediting Offered by us

DSE offers the complete spectrum of copyediting and proofreading services to fulfill editorial requirements of all types. Our services are offered in three categories which have been designed to meet your exact publishing needs. You can avail our services in three categories such as

  • Advanced Copyediting

    The language of your manuscript would be refined and brought at par with the publication standards. The entire array of grammatical errors and typos would be eliminated. The apt use of tone, format, style, terminology, and writing conventions is ensured. All documents can be submitted for advanced editing.

  • Premium Copyediting

    Primarily provided as academic copyediting services, premium copy editing is specifically meant to edit the scrutinizing research papers. The language or errors are comprehensively set right. The structure of the content is also enhanced to ensure optimum impact and coherence of ideas is presented. The content is also enhanced with a proper logical and structural flow to ensure optimum impact and coherence of ideas. Along with editing, a journal cover letter submission and manuscript evaluation report will be provided. Editing is done in multiple rounds. Hence, you will get enough time for revising your paper before the relevant journal approves your publication request.

  • Premium Plus Copyediting

    This service offers all the benefits of Premium Copyediting along with providing assistance for post-submission. Your reply to Peer Reviewer Comments would also be checked.

Copyediting Process of DSE

DSE adheres to a logical copyediting process to ensure flawless outcomes that would uphold your prestige as an author or ace publishing house. The process we follow starts with reading each sentence thoroughly for analyzing the content integrity. Secondly, we evaluate and maintain language consistency and tone uniformity throughout the process. Some research facts that might be stated in the document are also validated. In order to maintain the accuracy and consistency of the document, we also check the thematic representation of ideas.

Citations are formatted according to the journals’ requirements. However, we also ensure that the document is in compliance with the stipulations of the concerned journal/publisher or style guide. We determine that the technical and other terms related to the specific niche are properly utilized. While implementing the scientific terms, we make the right use of capitalization and italics, thereby providing necessary tweaks based on the readership of topic and journal.

Reasons to Choose DSE’s Copy Editing Services

We have an extensively trained, proficient, experienced and prescient editorial team commanding complete knowledge of contemporary copyediting principles. Team members have exhaustively worked with leading authors across the globe, prominently the United States, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. This valuable experience is harnessed to offer immaculate results confidently.

Some of the compelling reasons for choosing DSE are:

  • Extensive Experience

    Experts at DSE have copy edited manuscripts, books, thesis, dissertations, promotional articles, research reports as well as all popular and prevalent document types.

  • Subject Proficiency

    A native English speaker edits your document who is also an expert in the respective domain.

  • Two-step Review Process

    Once the document has been edited, it is again reviewed by a senior editor who ensures that the grammatical and language errors have been completely eliminated.

  • Top Quality Commitment

    We adhere to international quality standards. Our stringent quality checks ensure that not a single error remains in the finalized version. We assure you that our editing work would measure up to your expectations

  • Iron Clad Assurance

    If you feel the need of re-editing the handed over document, we will either do it for free or return the fee. We assure you that no questions would be asked further.

  • One-stop Solution

    We offer end-to-end support related to the entire publication process which includes typesetting, translating, editing, designing, responding to Peer Reviewer Comments, etc.

  • 24x7 Availability

    You can reach us round the clock and we would happily offer you needful assistance, resolve your issues, and offer satisfactory responses to your queries. Our affable staff has been rated for offering top-notch customer support

  • Guaranteed Timely Delivery

    Copyedited documents are infallibly delivered within the committed time schedules always.

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“My eBook was typeset with illustrations, semantically correct and error free references within deadline”

Amanda Davis
Co-Founder, MNC Inc.

“As an author, I have experienced an upsurge in my reader volume after availing your services.”

Ronald Brown
Founder, MNC Inc.

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