Interactive eBook Conversion Services

Interactive eBooks offer unparalleled ease of reading by providing a visually engaging and compelling experience. DSE leverages the boundless potential of HTML5 and CSS3 for offering cutting-edge interactive eBook conversion services.

DSE facilitates the flawless conversion of digital and print titles into interactive eBooks for authors, publishers, educational institutions, enterprises, etc.

Our experts at DSE ensure users to provide an incredible experience by optimally incorporating various multimedia content such as 2D and 3D animation, audio and video, footnotes, cross-references, annotations, etc.

Advantages of Interactive eBooks

Creating Interactive eBooks provides numerous benefits over static eBooks. Some of the prominent benefits are listed below.

  • Incorporating MathML and SVG support
  • Readers can interact better with the content
  • Employing transition, text shadow and animation with CSS
  • Converted content can be presented and styled in a better manner
  • Adding more functions like canvas, finger painting, geo-location, etc.
  • Audio-video elements can be employed and run
  • No external plug-in or Flash player needed to run multimedia content
  • Dedicated apps can be deployed for hosting eDocuments
  • Publishing and distribution costs are competitive

Enhanced eBook Conversion Services at DSE

DSE can help you with incorporating all supported features into the converted interactive/ enhanced eBook. The various eBooks that DSE has proven expertise in converting into interactive content include

  • Storybooks and comics for kids
  • Books with quizzes, puzzles, and games
  • Medical and health education related books
  • Cookbooks with videos
  • Travel guides with GPS feature incorporated
  • Multimedia-rich books
  • Animated books
  • Multilingual books
  • Edutainment books

DSE understands the science behind keeping readers’ attention engrossed. The user interface of the eBooks is thus rendered reader-friendly and embedded with rich multi-media content and other useful functionalities. This optimizes the content’s value also.

The proficient team at DSE can efficiently incorporate interactive content elements that can be conducive to optimal teaching and evaluation functions.

Examples of such elements include:

  • True or False
  • Ranking & Sequencing
  • Alternate Choice
  • Categorizing
  • Matching
  • Media Distractors
  • Single Numerical Design
  • Multiple Answers
  • Matrix Completion
  • Yes/No with Explanation
  • Fill in the blank
  • Video Demonstration

Our Interactive eBook Development Process

DSE converts titles and digital content into interactive ePub using a logical approach. The process includes:

  • Consultation with the client to assess expectations and specifications
  • Incorporation of architecture mapping and assessment of multimedia features
  • Shortlisting of animation, graphics, VFX(Visual Effects), audio, video, etc.
  • Finalizing functional elements like the addition of openers to chapter, header, unit, section, quotations, side notes, bullets, listing style, etc.
  • Creation of functional prototypes including card structure, references, etc.
  • eBook formatting, digital composition, and coding
  • Proofreading & comparison of converted content with a source file
  • Check & ensure quality & compatibility with different publishing platforms
  • Final auditing for assuring conformance to international standards and ensure adherence to benchmarks set by publishers and DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Choose DSE for your Interactive eBook Conversion Services

DSE has been supporting clients from various industry verticals with impeccable interactive and enhanced eBook conversion services since long. Our team can meet the specifications stipulated by various platforms like Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble’s, etc.

DSE does not compromise on quality front and ensures that each element is meticulously incorporated for an aesthetically engaging experience. Outsource your interactive eBook conversion services to us and remain assured of highest quality.

Benefits of Choosing DSE for Interactive ePub Conversion include:

  • Wide experience in serving global clients
  • Optimum return on investment assured through cutting-edge features
  • Best in-house fleet of creative professionals and seasoned staff
  • Our team remains abreast of contemporary trends and techniques
  • CSS3 and HTML5 optimally leveraged for compelling visuals
  • Converted eBooks are compatible with all popular platforms & devices
  • High quality animation and modules incorporated in eBooks
  • Stringent quality checks in places to eliminate flaws
  • Extensive training imparted to staff to keep them aware of latest technologies
  • Resource sufficiency and state of the art infrastructure support
  • Lowest industry turnaround time and cost assured for interactive eBook conversion services

We have catered to the needs of a wide array of clients who would gladly vouch for the efficiency of our ebook conversion services. The zeal to excel set us apart from other service providers.

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Leading authors of various eBook genres trust our services and entrust us with their requirements because of the superlative results provided by us. This trust has been built through our relentless pursuit of excellence. We continue to surpass expectations with consistent and stellar works.

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