Fixed Layout eBook Conversion

Fixed layout ebook conversion is being exclusively offered by DSE. Your ebook’s attractive quotient can be significantly enhanced and more interaction or instruction oriented options can be included.

The conversion is ideal for eBooks related to

  • Educational material
  • Business Guides
  • Self-learning publications
  • Travel instruction guides
  • Cookbooks
  • Entertaining or instructive children oriented material
  • Restaurant guide

By getting your eBooks converted, the format and layout are fine-tuned to ensure professional look and standard feel. The advantages that you can avail by using fixed-layout are far more than the standard version. The InDesign or print PDF layout can be made to closely resemble using fixed-layout.

Advantages of Choosing Fixed Layout eBook Conversion

The benefits that would come your way if you opt for fixed-layout ebook format are many. Common among them are discussed below.

  • The ebook becomes compatible with different publishing platforms
  • Re-flowing of the text is prevented for uniform appearance
  • Printed layout format of the page is preserved across platforms
  • Numerous features can be incorporated
  • Text searching and thumbnail navigation can be facilitated
  • Zooming and bookmarking becomes possible
  • External dictionaries can be linked to
  • Audio video and multimedia can be incorporated
  • Reading the text aloud to the reader can be enabled

Logical approach

To provide you with impeccable results, experts at DSE adopt a rational workflow approach. Your requirements are discussed at length to map the exact outcome you desire. Your business and other relevant issues are factored in by our team for suggesting the eBook conversion service that complements your budget and needs. The viable solution allows for optimal business profitability. Realistic deadlines are set and work is commenced based on the specifications.

Types of Fixed Layout eBook formats that we support

DSE has proven expertise in converting your manuscript or existing ebook page layout to following fixed layout formats.

  • Simple ePub Fixed Page Format

    This ePub format is ideal for cookbooks, cartoon books, and picture books.

  • Medium Complex ePub Fixed Files

    The novels and children's ebooks that are rich in graphics or comical depictions are examples of ebooks with medium complexity. During the conversion process, we ensure that the highest feasible resolution of each image is captured. When the reader zoom in or zoom out the graphics by pinching on the touch screen or using specific commands, the integrity of the images would be maintained. Narrative text in comic books can be illustrated through the strategic use of spot art.

  • Complex ePub Fixed Format Files

    Meticulous detailing has to be done for these fixed layout eBooks offering a higher level of user interaction. During coding, attention to every nuance has to be paid. The technical complexity during conversion is heightened by the presence of pictures, geometric shapes, tables, graphs and equations in significant amount. Medical stuff, technical material, scientific books, cookbooks, restaurant guides, travel guides, academic & mathematical publications, and other several categories of ebooks are covered under this conversion service.

Why Choose DSE for Fixed Layout eBook formatting Services?

We have been rendering impeccable services to clients from various industry verticals. Our expertise lies in both in fiction and non-fiction fixed layout eBooks conversion. We have our goal set on nothing less than perfection and this reflects through excellence in our outcomes.

Some of the compelling reasons to ally with us include:

  • Significant industry experience in ebook conversion genre
  • Served clients from across the world for various niche segments
  • Intuitive understanding of the unique needs of clients
  • Results always surpass the expectations of clients
  • Resource sufficiency and infrastructural setup present for assuring consistent and best outcomes
  • Absolute adherence to clients’ specifications
  • Stringent quality control measures in place for assuring perfection
  • Each process in the workflow is proofread and counterchecked for eliminating inadvertent flaws
  • Each converted ebook conforms to guidelines and conditions set down by Google, Kobo, Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble
  • Facilitates ease of publishing and distribution
  • Strict compliance to committed schedules
  • Round the clock customer support and troubleshooting
  • Free trial available without any charge or obligation to help you assess the quality of our work
  • Proven specialization in various genres of e-book conversion like children’s picture books, cookery books, travel and restaurant guides, annual reviews, company reports, academic publications, business guides, textbooks, learning material etc.
  • Complex designs and graphic intensive ebooks are dealt easily by our proficient and experienced team
  • Customized solutions available to meet specific requirements
  • Lowest turnaround time in the industry
  • Cost competitive and flexible hiring modules available
  • Digitization services are made available across the world encompassing UK, USA, Australia, Canada, UAE, and other Middle East nations

Our clients have consistently expressed their satisfaction with the service standards offered by us. They gladly vouch for the efficiency and expeditiousness of our fixed-layout ebook conversion services.

Avail our optimized and tailor-made fixed layout conversion services and take your ebook publishing venture to newer heights of success. Get the best of professional ebook conversion services under one roof at DSE.

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