Digital Archiving Services

The days of storing information in bulky files in space consuming cabinets are gone. Archiving information digitally is the latest trend. Sensitive, classified, confidential, or generic; information of all types can be saved in digital archives. Information may run into terabytes, but the same can be safely stored.

DSE offers a complete spectrum of digital archiving services to companies and organizations worldwide. Diverse data across different verticals are safely preserved and safeguarded by our archiving solutions.

Organizations across a wide range of operational domains like healthcare, education, financial, legal, public service, etc. trust our bespoke document archiving services.

Need for Digital Archiving Services

With the advent of cloud storage and virtual servers that can accommodate any volume of data and access on the go, document and photograph archival in digital mode is the best choice.

Hard copies occupy considerable space and are liable to be lost, damaged, or deliberately manipulated. Business information that are critical and relying on hard copy versions of data can prove fatal in the long run.

You may go through a few compelling reasons for implementing electronic document archiving to be convinced about its potential.

  • Data access and retrieval becomes faster which improves efficiency
  • Proper indexing allows ease of locating relevant information
  • No need of examining for hours on an end through bulky physical files
  • Informed decisions can be made by referring to historical data
  • Information encryption enhances the level of data security
  • Data is transmitted through secured FTP channels which prevent unauthorized access by malicious users
  • Significant cost optimization because of the elimination of labor intensive jobs and the redundant expenses to maintain a physical infrastructure for file storage

DSE’s Digital Document Archival Solutions

DSE offers the complete range of document archiving solutions encompassing

  • Tagging of Metadata
  • Management of Digital Assets
  • Database creation
  • Preservation of information in the database in a guaranteed manner
  • Information processing and cataloging
  • Creation of customized DMS
  • Document Scanning and digitization
  • Archival storage
  • Maintaining digital archive meticulously
  • Data migration
  • Access through web-based services

Types of Document Digitization Services at DSE

As a reputed digital archiving company, DSE has been rendering its services successfully in the digitization landscape for more than a decade and a half now. This has enhanced our proficiency in accurately digitizing the widest array of documents, data and image types.

We handle document types related to:

  • Bound Documents such as Magazines, Brochures, Booklets, Corporate Records, Annual Reports, Historic Collections, etc.
  • Large-sized documents like Plat Book, Newspaper, Poster, Country Record, etc.
  • Other document types such as Invoice, Insurance Forms, Medical Records, Financial Statements, Legal Documents, Thesis, Journal, Physical Documents, Questionnaires, Manuscripts, Photographs, Email, Personal Files, etc.

DSE is capable of archiving the digitized documents in different formats like:


Data Archiving Process at DSE

DSE adheres to a scientific process for ensuring impeccable archiving solutions. Our process can be defined as below:

  • Physical documents are categorized based on type and priority
  • Documents, films, files, books, manuscripts, records etc. are sorted
  • Physical copies are scanned in highest resolution at maximum dpi
  • Digital formats are then rendered searchable and editable OCR (Optical Character Recognition) documents
  • Images or files are also converted into JPEG and HTML formats
  • After the documents have been scanned and refined in the formats specified by the client, archives are created with proper tagging, indexing, and sorting
  • The digital archives are then uploaded on virtualized servers in our cloud document management system which can then be accessed or retrieved

Benefits of availing Data Archiving Solutions from DSE

At DSE, we appreciate the uniqueness of each archiving project. A uniform solution cannot be applied to all documents meant for archiving. Our expert team devises strategies by factoring in the special needs of each project.

Your decision to outsource document archiving needs to DSE would be rewarded with numerous advantages like:

  • Confidential documents and classified data entrusted to us are safeguarded meticulously to ensure that sensitive information does not fall in hands of people with wrong intentions
  • Physical documents are stored safely and access is provided to authorized representatives through proper authentication only
  • Non-disclosure agreement signed with every employee
  • Services offered by a proficient and widely experienced team of professionals who had rendered services for various verticals
  • Project supervisor is assigned for each digitization work to expedite the archiving related workflow
  • Clients will be constantly updated about the progress of the project through single point communication contact i.e. Project Supervisor
  • Stringent quality assessment measures and checks are in place to ensure that the archiving process is carried out in a flawless manner
  • Manual intervention is limited for hassle-free and expeditious outcomes
  • Automated processes are deployed for quick backup and archiving
  • Sophisticated and contemporary digitization and archiving techniques are used

Various Industry Verticals We Support for Digital Archiving Services

  • Corporate companies
  • Museums
  • Government organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Legal firms
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Private institutions etc.

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“Immaculate document digitization services by DSE offered me a cutting edge in my business over my adversaries.”

Allen Smith
Co-Founder, MNC Inc.

“The outcome of data digitizing surpassed my expectations since it was flawless and impeccable in all aspects.”

Ron Matthew
Founder, MNC Inc.

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