XML Conversion Services For A French Book Publisher

The Client

The client is a renowned publishing house in France. Its annual publication in terms of fiction, non-fiction, and journals are among the highest across France.


The client approached us for XML conversion services. The turnaround time specified by the client was low. Also, the budget for the project was tight. We had to optimize our resources and capabilities for living up to the expectations of the clients.


The client had approached other service providers before forwarding the requirement to us. His request was turned down because the duration of the project was only 2-3 months whereas service providers entertain projects of a minimum 6 months span. Also, the client would be furnishing the time and document type definition.

Solution Provided

The client had allocated us about 950000 pages. We dedicated an expert team of 25 members under the supervision of a Project Manager to finish the arduous task. We defined the project milestones were and delivered 7K-8K pages every week. Occasionally, whenever extra manpower was available, we diverted the same to the project to expedite it.

Our Process

We established a secure FTP channel for exchanging files. The client provided us the files in PDF and DOCX formats. Conversion to XML was done using schema by leveraging the tool specified by the client.

The Outcome

The client was extremely happy with our efforts as we could deliver the project well before his timeline and without going overboard with the allocated budget. The client wanted to enter into a full-time contract with us. We were rated optimally on service and quality parameters by the client. He assured to give wide publicity for DSE among his acquaintances across France.


DSE is the leading digital conversion company which can offer you completely tailored data conversion and XML conversion services at a cost-competitive rate within the lowest turnaround time. Contact us to learn more.

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