Read Aloud eBook Integration for a Canadian Publisher

A renowned Canadian publisher of children’s eBook wanted to monetize by converting their library of books into the read-aloud format. The client holds a significant market share as it published about 500+ titles each year in English.

Requirements of Client

The client wanted our experts to embed superior quality read-aloud narration feature in the children’s eBook volumes. The challenge was to complete the project at an optimized cost with the lowest turnaround time. Our reputation as a leading eBook conversion company had motivated the client to rely on our expertise and infrastructure.

Major Challenges

The client wanted us to convert a large number of fixed-layout ePub eBooks into the read aloud ones along with the integration of other features. These included adding features related to bookmarking, zooming, searching of text, linking to the dictionary, and navigating in thumbnail mode. Our experts had to leverage their experience and expertise in a coordinated manner to meet this challenge.

Our Solutions

We surpassed the expectations of clients by embedding read-aloud feature in all eBooks with emphasis on clearly pronounced words. These were highlighted in quick succession in the narration mode. We meticulously managed the multimedia, images, and illustrations of eBooks. Our team also empowered readers to control the audio files as per their choices. The soundtrack could be turned on or off, and automatic flipping of page can be controlled when the narration is on.

During conversion, time counters of audio timeline were precisely coordinated with every word of the digital text while adhering to the ePub3 standards. We carefully inserted the background music provided by client along with narrative audio. Each word was tagged with narration timeline while maintaining the nuances of the English language. The silent syllables of words were professionally handled, highlighted, and tagged.


The client was extremely happy with the output. They promised to give DSE wide exposure in Canada and also committed to outsourcing future conversion tasks to us. At DSE, we are experts in providing affordable interactive eBook conversion within the lowest turnaround time. You can contact us for more information.

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“The converted e-books left me spellbound, they live up to all excellence parameters”

Amanda Davis
Co-Founder, MNC Inc.

“I can vouch for the efficiency of e-book services offered without any reservations.”

Ronald Brown
Founder, MNC Inc.