Top Free, Paid & Open Source eLearning Authoring Tools

eLearning authoring tools refer to software programs that help in creation and packaging of eLearning content for use by targeted audiences. There are different types of eLearning authoring software supporting various functionalities. Some are free while others are paid or open source.

content authoring tools

Free Authoring Tools

There are different free eLearning authoring tools, some of which are discussed below.

  1. isEazy

    This is cloud based. Content created can be shared and viewed on all devices. The tool supports interactive resources which can be used for creating appealing, dynamic and engaging learning content.

  2. Articulate 360

    It contains award winning tools with which you can author courses in simple, quick and economical manner.

  3. ActivePresenter

    You can develop software demonstrations and simulations along with quizzes by using its screencast video editing, screen recording, and rapid eLearning modules. It delivers well on both Mac and Windows OS.

  4. Think Exam

    You can build, assign and design online tests easily for various examinations using its sophisticated reporting system, interactive GUI, and superb support.

  5. Adobe Presenter Video Express

    This video studio suite allows editing and publishing interactive and rich HD videos easily. You can redefine video viewing feel without investing significant time and money.

  6. Articulate Storyline

    The features are easy to learn and specialized. You can use Articulate Storyline for sourcing assets, authoring courses for multiple devices, and collaborating with stakeholders.

  7. Articulate Studio

    Studio 360 allows easy creation, publishing and delivery of PowerPoint based eLearning courses.

  8. CourseSuite Preview Ninja

    You can use SCROM 1.2 with app for rapidly pre-testing the module before deploying in LMS.

  9. Derbyware

    This platform allows publishing of certification tests, quizzes, examinations, etc. Those who appear for test can view score results immediately for free.

  10. eLAT

    This authoring tool is HTML based and helps in creation of responsive online and mobile modules.

Paid Authoring Tools

Some popular course authoring tools allow access to specialized features only if you have purchased a subscription. Top among them are discussed below.

  1. iSpring Suite

    The toolkit allows faster creation of eLearning courses, videos and quizzes which are adaptive in nature. You can create modules for product training, skill assessment and onboarding.

  2. Adobe Captivate

    The 360° media assets allow creation of immersive learning modules which can be experienced by learners with Virtual Reality headsets.

  3. Elucidat

    This authoring platform is useful for creating, managing and measuring contemporary eLearning experiences.

  4. Koantic

    This tool is cloud based. You can author courses which carry slides, quizzes, interactive videos and branching. Publishing on SCORM, Cloud, HTML5 and xAPI is supported.

  5. Evolve

    This intuitive authoring tool with rich features allows building of HTML5 eLearning content whose presentation style can be fully controlled. Easy integration with LMS platforms like SCORM, Adapt Framework, etc. enhances its value.

  6. iSpring QuizMaker

    You can develop interactive mobile centric quizzes as well as surveys by choosing from fourteen question types, adding multimedia, creating personalized feedback system, publishing tests online, or broadcasting on LMS.

  7. mAuthor

    This allows authoring of enriched digital content which is interactive and compatible with multiple platforms.

  8. iSpring TalkMaster

    This dialogue simulator allows the learner to practice communication skills in controlled environment. Dialogues can be created with voice-overs which are imitation of conversations in real life. Characters and backgrounds can be chosen or uploaded.

  9. Wizcabin

    This authoring tool is automated and cloud based. A simple storyboard can be used for creating appealing interactive eLearning modules.

  10. Easygenerator

    This online tool can be used even if you don’t have eLearning development background. The tool allows creation of quizzes and courses which can be hosted on cloud, uploaded on site or LMS. Results of learners can be viewed quickly.

Open Source Authoring Tools

Some eLearning creation software tools are open source for which you don’t have to buy subscription ever or pay recurring renewal fees.

  1. H5P or HTML5 Package

    This HTML5 based tool can be availed of as WordPress or Moodle plugin as well as Drupal module. JavaScript powers the content collaboration framework. Creating, sharing and reusing interactive HTML5 content becomes easier.

  2. eXe

    This authoring tool was developed for assisting teachers and academicians to publish eLearning content online without developing competency in XML or HTML5. You can export the resources created in eXe to SCORM, self-contained online pages, IMS Content Package formats, etc.

  3. Wink

    This software allows creation of presentations and tutorials demonstrating ways to use applications. Screenshots can be captured; explanation boxes can be added along with tiles and buttons.

  4. Xerte

    You can access complete suite of tools for developing eLearning content in interactive mode.

  5. LAMS

    You can design, manage and deliver online collaborative learning activities with this very intuitive visual authoring framework. Sequences of learning modules can be created combining different individual tasks, complete class based activities, and small group activities.

  6. Camstudio

    Recording audio and screen activities of computer is possible. Creating AVI videos at par with industry standards becomes easier. The in-built SWF producer can be used for transforming AVIs to bandwidth efficient SWFs (streaming flash videos).

  7. Glo Maker

    This mobile ready authoring tool from Oxford University allows creation of interactive and generative eLearning modules. As an author, you can exercise tremendous control while creating dynamic multimedia eLearning objects. Some prime features include

    • Animated tutorials
    • Designers and planners
    • Tool overviews
    • Compatible file formats
    • Patterns in freestyle
    • Exhaustive web tutorials for getting started
    • Samples exhibiting the power of tool


Different powerful, feature rich, dynamic and responsive eLearning authoring tools can be leveraged for creating interactive, immersive and engaging learning content that can aid teachers and students alike. You can seek expert support of a renowned digital publishing company like DSE for availing flash to html5 conversion. This would render your incompatible eLearning modules in Flash to work seamlessly with modern HTML5 supported browsers.