Amazon (KDP) Self-Publishing Tips for Beginners

With the advent of the practice of self-publishing e-Books, writers have gained control over the publishing journey. This is an exciting process that would allow you to directly connect with readers without facing any intervention from publishers.

If you are planning to write Amazon Kindle books, you need to factor in certain facts, which would make your kindle publishing experience more enjoyable.

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Some of the tips that will prove to be helpful in your Amazon Kindle self publishing journey are discussed as follows:

1) Focus On Writing Fictions

Kindle eBook store analytics suggest that buyers of fiction works are more in number than buyers of non-fiction works. If you have not written novels earlier, don’t worry. You can start with short stories. You can write short stories in a shorter period of time and can produce multiple copies to sell in quick succession.

2) Design eBook Covers As Per Trend

To experience success in KDP self publishing, you need to follow the trend. This holds true for your book covers too. You can use illustrations or photos for the cover but it should complement the genre of writing.

Some important facts about book covers are:

  • Try to follow the cover patterns that are popular with audiences.
  • The cover should be informative and must convey what one should expect from the book.
  • Identify the cover-types that are most frequently used for fiction and non-fiction categories.

3) Emphasize On Improving The Quality Of Your Writing First

You can focus on posting your work on Amazon or other platforms later on. First, you must come up with out -of-the-box ideas for creating unique content that can appeal to your readers.

4) Communicate About Your eBook With Blurbs

Readers would purchase your eBook only when they would feel that they would get something exciting and new to read about. If your first eBook appeals to readers, they would purchase your next eBook too.

By adding a blurb on the front of your eBook, you must communicate what is contained inside. This would make you popular on the kindle direct publishing platform. The blurb will be visible in the ‘About This Book’ section of Amazon.

5) Make Your Content Error Free

Your ambitions may get dampened if you get a poor rating from your readers. Invest some time in ensuring the creation of a grammatically-correct copy. This would make you more popular as a writer.

6) Don’t Get Nightmares From Poor Reviews

If your writing has received poor reviews and ratings, you need not feel discouraged. Invest time and effort to improve your writing quality. Write in series and focus on your objective.

7) Don’t Start Promoting As Soon As You Self-Publish

It is natural that your excitement would be quite high as soon as you self-publish your book on the Amazon kindle direct publishing platform. You should know that securing loyal readership is tough. Once you have published a few books in series, gauge the response levels of the readers. Work on more books to garner the readers’ interests.

Once you get a complete series published, focus on advertising. Build a catalogue of your publications and keep adding to your mailing list.

8) Focus On Ensuring Discoverability of Your eBook

To make your eBook discoverable on the Kindle digital publishing platform, you need to select suitable keywords and optimize them in your book’s title, descriptions and cover images. The Amazon platform features tips to help you out in this regard.

9) Get Your eBook Professionally Edited

You must get your content edited by line and developmental editors. Write the content carefully and then ask the editor to track and rectify flaws, if any.


Once you are ready to use Kindle ebook publishing for reaching out to your audiences, decide on the price of your eBook carefully. The pricing should be based on marketing perspectives. Change the book’s price only when you find a proper logic. Once your eBook catalogue is ready, you can experiment with prices. By adhering to the aforesaid tips, you can establish yourself as a renowned self-publisher and author in very less time.